About Us

Mo’Spices & Seasonings Low Sodium products offer 66% less sodium, as low as 80mg per serving.

Mo’Spices & Seasonings takes pride in providing delicious, nutritionally superior Low & Reduced Sodium products to you.

Our products are:
– Vegan/Vegetarian
– Gluten Free
– MSG Free
– Soy Free
– Filler/Preservatives Free
– Non-GMO Sourced

Mo’Spices products are mixed & packaged in a licensed and certified facility in compliance with FDA, HACCP, & Dept of Agriculture guidelines; handled with the upmost care and consideration for all.

The heart of our product, literally, is the reason for this product. Recent studies show that over 74 million people have high blood pressure. Many of us are battling with diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, high blood pressure, strokes, and some a combination of these conditions.

Our Sea Salt blends are naturally rich in potassium and has over 80 trace minerals from its sea origin with NO metallic aftertaste. With Mo’Spices & Seasonings, you get Natural, Premium Ingredients.

Don’t let 66% less sodium and healthy ingredients fool you. The addition of these well-balanced seasonings transforms an ordinary meal into a nutritious delight.

From soups to steaks Mo’Spices Sea Salt Seasonings makes any dish the main course.

Sprinkle, Shake, or Dash excitement back into your meals today.

 Mo’Spices & Seasoning Spicing Up Your Life! ™